happyWhether you’ve been hitched for just a year or you’re moving toward your twenty-fifth wedding commemoration, you more likely than not scholarly one essential truth: if your better half’s not cheerful, then no one’s upbeat.
Keeping your significant other upbeat is the key to a glad life, and on the off chance that you need to do it, you need to take a shot at your relational abilities, keep your sentiment alive, and comprehend your lady’s needs. In the event that you need to know how to keep your better half cheerful, simply take after these means. They may bail you out and give you a superior shot in your relationship.

1             Keep up your appearance.
In spite of the fact that it’s enticing to give your scruff a chance to develop and to relax around the house in your workout garments, you ought to attempt to be respectable at all circumstances and work to keep up your great looking looks. On the off chance that both of you couldn’t care less what you look like any longer, then you’re slacking in the sentiment division.

Unless you’re shaking a facial hair or some scruff, try to shave each day and to keep your face smooth.

2            Keeping the Romance Alive
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Always make time for date night. No matter how busy you may be, you should always make time for a date night with your wife, ideally once a week or at least twice a month. happy2If you spend all of your precious time together hanging out with friends or just lounging around the house, then you’ll forget that spark that makes your relationship so special.
Mix it up. Do something different during every date night, whether it’s checking out a new movie or going to a restaurant you’ve never been to before.
If you’re staying in to cook, dress up just as nicely as you would if you were going out.
Make time to talk. Activities like mini-golfing or watching movies are great, but make sure there’s a portion of the evening when you have time to just look into each other’s eyes and talk.
Give your wife a card that tells her how much you love her during date night, even if there’s no special occasion. Every occasion with your wife should be special.

3                 Make time for romantic getaways.
Though a romantic vacation is not a long-term solution for any problems in the romance department, happy1taking a short getaway is a perfect way to spend time with your wife in a fresh environment and to learn to appreciate your relationship even more.
Make a goal of going away somewhere exotic together at least once a year, if your budget allows for it. Book your trip well in advance so when the time comes, you can’t say you’re too busy as an excuse.
Try to go to a new place every time. Not only will this keep your romance fresh, but it will also strengthen your bond when you explore the world together.
If your budget is really tight or if it’s difficult for you to find a sitter, have a goal of at least going away from the weekend together from time to time even if you’re only going an hour’s drive away or just checking into a hotel in the closest city.


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