You Won’t Recognize What These 10 Iadies Utilized The Place Of The Cartridge When It Is Elegant Cycle Out Of The Blue Got

Sometimes you ‘time of the month’ find themselves unprepared, even if you have regular cycles, and if you can not in a hurry somewhere buy or borrow from a pad or tampon, the situation can quickly become quite uncomfortable.

And then what? British portal Betty talked about the women who found themselves in this very awkward situation, but you will not believe what some of them served as a ‘first aid’ in times of need.
1. Lower part of the bikini
When I lived in the dorms, menstruation caught me off guard, but we did not have any more toilet paper. I had indeed two pieces of the lower bikini in a drawer and I thought that might be enough to serve the purpose of absorbing. I pulled them and went to the first store to buy tampons, but it turned out that the material for the bikini does not absorb anything, so I had to walk in the middle of winter in short sleeves because my sweater tied around his waist that are not visible stains on his pants.

Second Folded paper towels from the bathroom in a restaurant
Red in front of the toilet was quite long, and when I finally got an order of pulled a bunch of paper towels for hands and ran to the toilet cabin. Having solved the situation and came out of the west, all the other women guessed what had happened but I could not even look in his eyes.

  1. Newspapers
    Poor, very uncomfortable solution.

4   Children’s diaper
I did not know what to do, so I pushed the whole diaper in shorts and walked quite a distance … Excellent absorbing, though.

5   Socks
I was on the train from London to Penzance, and I with them had no toiletries (even though I’m just a brief moment thought to use an empty bag of chips), and I took one sock for the first half, and the other for the rest of the way.

6   Cotton and sticky tape
I glued a double-sided tape on the panties and it put a lot of cotton. He held on for hours! I felt like Bear Grylls!

7   Folded pizza menu
Do not ask the details.
8   sponge bath
I thought I wisely chose the subject of the bathroom that best absorbed. However, the sponge had the shape of a starfish, so it looked as if smuggling bunnies in their tights. However, it is still hard to be well absorbed.

9   Folded boy’s shirt
He wore a sweater over a shirt, and he was not cold when he took it off, but this was his favorite! It was very expensive about it.

10   Leaves
We were on a camping trip and menstruation surprised me. Good thing I have not used the poison ivy and nettles


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