You Can Buy Style With Money But These Boots It Is Very Rude And Expensive !

It applies to an icon of style, and many girls look up to her. However, this time made a big mistake.

Kylie Jenner recently appeared in public in a combination that can not be described any other way except – tasteless.

Like her sisters, Kim is not Kylie does not give up “lampshading” trend, where little longer shirt should play the part of the dress. And Kylie has now gone a step further.

Thus, with a long white T-shirt has decided for long, purple, metallic boots. And as if all that was not enough, the boots with a pointed tip.

A real surprise is yet to come – this bad taste is coming out of the kitchen well-known design houses – comes to the brand of “Balenciaga”, but this model costs 1,095 euros.

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