Women As Guides Through Life . What Can We Learn From Women

Although a man must be a man, some things can be learned from the fair sex


“Have you ever wondered how women can babysit, cook and make colleague on the phone what to do at work?”


Oh yes, not a stereotype, but we men are simply impatient, and the girls in this segment better than us. The fairer sex is better to cope with situations cool than me. Patience is difficult to learn because it is simply in the blood, but it is not an impossible task. So the next time someone tells you “be patient a few days”, do so.


Have you ever wondered how your girlfriend can listen to music, work on the computer and talk to you? Or that women can babysit, cook and make the phone a colleague what to do at work? As much as someone claimed that we men can do it – we can not! Women are caring and motherhood in the genes, all of which allows them to be excellent at multitasking.

emotional stability

Men, or the so-called. “Real men” and show no emotion. Wrong! You did not lower a man if you do not show here and there some emotions, but it is if Overloaded and start crying like a girl. We are physically strong creatures but not emotionally, and here we are, girls and women, literally gauze. Girls are more emotionally stable, perhaps because they have learned to express and not all collect in it?


We do not want to say that we men are not careful, but we can not compete with women. Just look at a birthday or Christmas gift that you give her a look that gift she bought for you. Who showed more attention? Who says you can not be careful? Learn from women of and be a little more careful, first to your better half, and then the environment.


What is intimacy for men? Sex, of course. And that is the best part of sex? The actor pleasure. Women are different, they will love the kissing, hugging, and foreplay, and for them, sex is – making love. What we can learn from the fair sex is that intimacy over sex, and when they learn the whole sex going to be a lot more enjoyable.


Most men of the word clear sweat and panic. The binding is probably the men, if not the biggest, then one of the largest, phobias in life. And because of this phobia, men took fear and deception girl with the first girl who comes their way. Think about it – does not sound like you childish? Grow up and as a man to cope with fears.



Although we men rarely show emotion, we still resentful. If a girl caught in a lie will not easily forget her, while on the other girl quickly forgive everything we do wrong. We will tell you to forget and forgive because they are naive. But is it really so? Or maybe just more mature?


If there is an argument with his girlfriend, often we go astray, ie. Through that women are beneath us! “What to me a woman what to do,” or “Who is it that tells me?” We often flew from his mouth. We do not live in the stone age when women are there only to give birth to children. And though a man still has to be the leader in a lot of things for the fairer sex must always have respect.

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