WINE – Оld Traditional Drink

Viticulture, wine making and wine drinking is part of the culture of a nation. From ancient times until today wine represents a symbol of quality.
since ancient times wine is produced from grapes.




It is assumed that the start of production of the wine culture and background for growing vines. Man found that it can produce wine and began to cultivate and select.




The ancients opportunity for wine they attach it to various mythological figures in ancient Greek mentions the god Dionysius, Bacchus to the Romans,
the Jews that attribute Ostrich etc.






wine2Wine as discipline goes a long, demanding road while included among the ranks of other scientific disciplines, it is assumed that the wine together with vine has spread from Asia Minor in European countries situated along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea















Qual wine depends on the conditions that produce grown and stored.
when it comes to wine, from an economic perspective, there are rules and principles as are produced, how it works, organization and order process for obtaining a high-quality wine, but from the standpoint enjoyment is always welcome a glass of red or white wine, with reason, or no floor to put forth your glasses and make a cheers.



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