Who is the happiest city in the world?

What do you think?  Who is the happiest city in the world?
Recent studies show that every year one city in the world is happier than others.


This year the happiest city was declared the capital of Korea, Seoul.
As happens this phenomenon?
Happiest cities are not measured in everyday smiles on the faces of the people who live there.

Capital of Korea, Seoul.


To be the happiest city means that the city speaks perfect harmony between the economy and society.
Being such a city, it means to reach the level of rich, economically stable and democratic city where discrimination is not part of the modern world.

Assessment of city in the world’s happiest was done based on how high average earnings, crime, education, the balance between work and family life and health

Come on, take a look at how it looks like the happiest city in the world.


Korean traditional food.


Korean dessert 


korean-foodChestnut cookies.


korean-food-yakgua-yugua-insadongKorean cuisine, Hahngwa food


korea11Traditional korean dances


koreanfood2traditional korean food







korea7  Korean arhitecture

The government makes sure that every citizen equality in pay, everyone has a home and be healthy, so it’s no wonder that people are happiest here, happier than anywhere else in the world.


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