Little has been known to the broader public that it can and from red grapes to obtain white wines. In this case does not apply slogan red grapes, red wine. Namely there are years when the market has increased demand of the white wine. wine1Back then the owners decide for part of the red grapes that are processed by in white wine. It also can happen any year that has less sunshine days, such red grapes will have poor quality. Also, if the grapes themselves have the remains of the country recommendable than it grapes to make white wine. This is happening in regions where there are huge plantations on red grapes. wine2The procedure is simple care should be taken in the separation pinching of the grapes, rollers not to be too close, that way that drains only the juice of grapes, a husk, where he is currently staying coloration, tannin in the grain has to be extracted if the procedure is carrying out quickly. Oenologists are informed about this method and they know that the harvest these grapes should thereforewine3 be done in the early morning hours when it is has still cold as it did when it is warm, color is extracted, and the juice can be painted. In the upcoming process of the fermentation procedure is the same just need to be pointed out that wine, will be the lower quality. The remaining part of pinching grapes is processed in red wine

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