What To Do With The Wine That Is Not Some Quality


As we have said many times before, a man should be a true wine connoisseur. If you belong to this group is not likely you happen to buy a bad wine, unless you’ve decided to experiment. However, what often happens, even to experts, is that someone as a gift a bottle of wine that turns out to be very bad. In this case, you have the option to forward the gift to someone else as your gift, you should not make, especially if you consider yourself an expert in wine, throw it away, or to simply take advantage of some other dedicate as this pet.

Preparing meat. Poor wine can also be used in cooking meat dishes which will not only give flavor but will also replace the fat in food. Unless the wine is just terribly poor quality, the wine will give a special touch to your meal. A good tip is to lighter meats like chicken well paired with white wines, while the weight like chops better connects with red wines.



Production of pasta. Be a true gourmand who will ‘paste rubble “make an original way – with the help of wine. Cook the pasta in a standard way, but not until the end but removing it while still hard. In another pot of the time cook until the wine is reduced to half the quantity, and insert the paste. Cook for a few minutes, remove and you have a real specialty!

Placing Sangria. With a little effort, you can turn wine into a traditional Spanish drink – Sangria. In addition to a liter of wine, you will be required and cherries, red grapes, orange and cherry juice. Berries fruit in half and mix with the juice of cherries and wine. Pour the liquid into a bowl and leave in the refrigerator for four hours. Enjoy the flavors of Spain.

Placing sauce of wine. Why does bad wine not take advantage of the sauce? If your answer is “but because it is bad” – you are wrong because bad wine is not a bad sauce! Add the wine and heat until it reduces and becomes denser, and the sauce, you can add the bay leaf and thyme, and even butter to make it creamier.

Coloring eggs. Approaching us to Easter, and with him and coloring eggs – that’s another opportunity to make use of bad wine. Before you start cooking, leave the eggs 10 minutes into wine. After cooking the eggs will appear fine crystals to after dyeing eggs give extra shine!

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