Visit Your Doctor And Make Sure They Know About Your Sports Habits.

Frequent exercise in the gym can help reduce the stomach, but also can reduce something else – your sex drive!

Scientists from the University of North Carolina found that high-intensity exercise associated with lower libido. The study included 1,077 active men, who deal with running, walking, cycling, swimming or climbing. Those who have practiced less intensity were seven times more likely to have the normal or high libido, as opposed to those who are trained strongest intensity.

”A pose ad esse non valet consequentia”

Men who are coached most or longer were significantly more likely to have low libido. The researchers said that intensive training can cause a condition called male hypogonadism or reduced secretion of testosterone secretion seeds or both. Also, the increased intensity of exercise can lead to mental and physical fatigue that can reduce the desire and motivation for sexual intercourse.


However, it is important to note that the study conducted on men who were already active in the sport. Previous studies have shown that increasing physical activity can actually increase testosterone levels men who have no physical activity.

The problem then you have, it seems, only by those who exaggerate the exercise. For example, 15 percent of mCCen who exercised more than ten hours a week had a lower libido compared with only two percent of the men who exercised four to six hours per week.

If you notice that your sex drive decreases, see your doctor and make sure they know about your sports habits.

Text: Christa Sgobba


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