Toods That Are True OASES Of Protein.

Tired of chicken breast and tuna? These foods can be an excellent source of protein


You are what you eat, says an old proverb, and if you want a healthy life and a healthy, muscular body the right amount of protein intake is essential. Not only will it help you build muscle, but to amino acids, which are found in them, help and recover from a hard workout, help to reduce fat and will help in diets. Chicken and tuna are rich in protein, and it already Everybody knows, but if you are tired of you should know that there are foods that are true oases of protein.

When selecting a source of protein, it is important to take account of two things – quality and density. Proteins contain up to 20 different amino acids, of which your body produces them 11, while others need to be administered, it is extremely important, and the percentage of protein with respect to the other ingredients as it will lose its sense if high protein but also cholesterol. Of course, you need to take and personal preferences into account – such as cost, ease of making and, of course, taste. What will be the final choice is entirely your decision, and we bring you a selection of foods that are an alternative to chicken and tuna, with an indication of how many grams of protein comes at 100 grams and fat in order to be able to and taken into account and this important category.

Soybeans (49.2 g / 2.4 g)

Pork chops (27.3 g / 17.0 g)

Beef (26.3 g / 19.5 g)

Canned fish (24.0 g / 2.5 g)

Turkey (21.8 g / 2.9 g)

Lobster (20.3 g / 0.6 g)

Beef liver (20.3 g / 3.6 g)

Crabs (18.1 g / 1.1 g)

Fresh cheese (12.5 g / 4.5 g)

Egg white (10.9 g / 0.2 g)

Lens (8.39 g / 6.7 g)

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