Tonight You Pack Things Tomorrow Late – See You on Vacation

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Have you ever wondered why we are waiting impatiently to fall through the summer? Of course, to be rested from hard work throughout the year, the stresses and accidents we have been spotted for the last couple of months. It is easy to hardly wait to add that to the summer, everyone is somehow happy. Has no winter clothes, short skirts are worn deep purple hairstyles and all the cool rest of the cool girls who smiled and that is it.

Let’s go every year, let’s not fly, and there will be a mix of young people. Young people from all over the world, different cultures and peoples of melancholic who accidentally swirled in places where snacks are sung and entertained throughout the night and in the morning In which bed you will end up. A loving, uncompromising love that can be so intense that you almost think that it is in fact what you want to live. Summer holidays are remembered throughout life, and then when all this stencils are left alone on a single holiday unforgettable.


So go on vacation to keep your youth away so that you can be naughty because your life has passed beside you steam money and what will you steam when you grow up the life of the cashier we are today and tomorrow who knows where. Living your life losing someone else to live your life Take everything your life provides today’s flower tomorrow has introduced a rose.

P.S. Tonight you pack things tomorrow late -see you on vacation



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