This Guy VICTIM What You Do Not Want To Happen To You

This guy happened something incredible.


As he drove the surroundings of the city happened to him something .what is the girls who looked very nice and provocative .has are itself tight tights and top shirt in his hand he had a small purse. She asked whether that be the girl with him to the bus station.
Us time told him to fit in a couple of seconds in front of a supermarket, would not she bought some feminine things.

The boy was waiting but it was taken away and he went to the store to see what’s going on the store was empty, there was no one but the seller what is sat sullenly beside the cash register.
Where’s the girl as she entered a few minutes – he asked fellow
No one has entered the last half hour.
Impossible explaining to the boy but without results is not boloed record thread on the camera.
The guy came out and went into the car waiting for a long time but she was not there.
He was all upset and nervous are now thought because of the video next to a small seat bag. He knew something was the wrong bag was full of banknotes. He could nowhere think is to report to a police station would be a problem when shall they believe in the story, to take the money itself is wrong because of the money from the girls.
What to do fought with himself.

He went home not knowing what to do next.
rambled all sorts of not any solutions.
One thing was certain they will never stop someone unknown
Fear entered his bone

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