Things You Might Need to Make to 40 Years !

Have you ever thought about how to make a list of things to do before it is time to leave the world

world? These things are good to keep you motivated, and to enjoy life, but they unfortunately usually remember when we know that we still have only a certain amount of time in this world. Stay ahead of time and unplanned situations and compose your list of things to do, and to help me bring you up to 100 things every man should try at least once in their lives!

  1. Take your passport and simply take a trip somewhere without prior planning.

2nd Travel the country on your bike or motorcycle.

  1. Go your own car to travel long at least seven days.
    4 Fly first class.

  1. Go on a cruise.

6: Visit the places you’ve always wanted.

7 Go year outside their own borders.

8 Odgledajte some important sporting event live!

9 Take part in a competition.

10 Face your worst fear.

11 in the mountains.

12 Parachute Jump.


13 Try some magic of diving.

14 Learn how to ski.

15 Learn to ride.

16 Try some extreme sport.

19th Helicopter Fly.

20th Learn how to drive a motorcycle.

17Go camping.

18 Learn to light a fire.

19 Spend a weekend in the countryside doubted like Bear Grylls.

Catch the 24th and get your food.


20 Fly balloon.

21 Drive the rollercoaster.

22 Be the best man’s best friend.

23 Learn to play an instrument.

24 Get your own band, no matter how much “talent” for music was.

25 Visit the concert of your favorite musical artists.

  1. Learn to dance.

27 confront the abuser.

28 Repair appliance.

29 show up in the movie/series/video.

30 Fall in love.

31 Write a song loved one.

32 Perform a girl/woman on a date that will never forget.

33 Go on a blind date.

34 Seduce celebrity girlfriend.

  1. Seduce a colleague from work.

  2. Get out at the same time with two girls.

37 Try the trio.

38 Take a swim in the sea naked.

  1. Try Sex on the beach and in the sea.

40 Visit striptease club.

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