Recently I came across a youtube video in which show as the truth about fashion magazines and how they earn.
To summarize, we are talking about magazines earning money through us, and in fact only reduce our confidence.
Constantly stores look nice pretty girls who are nice dressed.

that beautiful girls are under constant supervision of coaches, a team of nutritionists who work for them, behind those same girls standing entire company working for its success because its success is their main target.
and what is really happening in the real world?
exactly in those shops will meet our diet recommend, but do not tell other incidental things that do those girls.
OskarTBrand has set the video in which says what happens with fashion magazines
“Yesterday I came across women’s magazines Elle and Cosmopolitan and while I looked I came to a rather unpleasant discovery” – he says.

He says that even Elle has 426 pages and weighs 1.15 kilograms and Cosmopolitan has 244 pages and weighs about 0.24 kilograms.

Throughout the video you will notice that it starts to snap paid advertisements

From Elle pulls even 364 pages, ie 85% of the magazine and the Cosmopolitan 158 pages, or about 65% of the magazine.

Finally comes to the conclusion that in fact the magazines catalogs of world famous brands

“And all ads are based on the same principle: not good enough, something is wrong with you, in fact many things are wrong with you, you’re not smart enough, she’s beautiful … 85% of the magazines convince women are unworthy and imperfect “- concludes.

“Magazines want to convince you that you really can look like a Barbie doll, but it is a lie. The bodies that you see are not real, but fotoshopirani. A third of women who read these magazines are older than 40 years and know many women who are older than 40 have themselves in magazines? Zero. Thousands of pages that deny human biology and create a negative image of the body … “- adds.

Watch the video:

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