The New Trend Posing Flooded Instagram

Whatever dressed and what kind of god that opportunity like celebrities have learned perfect pose, but it’s enough for them, so every now and come up with a new way of attracting attention. After the ancient trend of so-called “duck face ‘, facial expressions, pouting are now thought of posing a view down

From the youngest members of the clan Kardashian Kylie Jenner until the girl like a plus size model Ashley Graham, known to their profiles on Instagram began to publish photos that look down or sideways thoughtfully.

On these photographs act as if unaware of the time of the shooting and probably want to work less furnished, but it’s actually a little funny because of the photos on Instagram also part of their business obligations due to which the accounts have millions.

This so-called unfurnished look has long been adopted by fashion bloggers who both foreground and styling trends or famous beauties have raised the bar a bit and perfected the latest positions.

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