The Best Street Food – Mexico

Fans of Mexican food at their coming, of course, in Mexico, where variations of tortillas and tacos are abundant. The first thing you should definitely try the dish called tlacoyo, braised pork belly stuffed fritters in the form of small discs. With meat, it adds another fresh Mexican cheese, mashed beans, fried strips of cactus, spinach, Cotija cheese and green salsa.


Caramelized Pork Tacos with Spicy Mayo topped with Sriracha Mayo! YUMMM. |
The inevitable element of Mexican street foods are tacos, and those that stand out are the tacos al pastor who saved pineapple, meat, garlic, coriander and salsa packaged in a corn tortilla. It is excellent and tacos de canasta stuffed potatoes, baked beans and Chicharrón with salsa and tacos de Madero stuffed with crunchy pieces of beef, chopped white onions, and freshly squeezed lime. Here you will find dishes to pay from a few cents to more.

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