Tell Yourself Words of Encouragement


Tell yourself words of encouragement

Just as Bart Simpson on each episode of The Simpsons in which fine prints must not run on the board, so would you yourself have to repeat the words of support. Smoking cessation always begins with the fear of failure, and the question “how do I make it?” Will be spinning on his head. Instead of doubt in success, you repeat, “I am a non-smoker” whenever you fall into depression and feel the call of cigarettes. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, especially it seems unreal that such a simple thing can work, but – acting. Repeat you that several times a day and after a couple of weeks you will begin to experience themselves as non-smokers, not a smoker.

Public announcement of its intention
Rely on friends
deep breath
Tell yourself words of encouragement
Make a list
Refine your BODY

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