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Thai masters love you advise how to delay ejaculation and fully satisfy your partner and yourself

The most common sexual obstacle faced by men is premature ejaculation, according to statistics with it even meets every third man! This interference can have a very big psychological impact on a man, and therefore the quality of sexual intercourse. To solve the problem, the ancient Thais discovered several effective methods which will solve this problem, if you have one.


At the same time, the Thais gave some tips which will help you to do premature ejaculation or the need for the three methods that will be presented, and do not come. Thais also advise you to start with gentle sex to penetration of at least initially be gentle to change the depth of penetration and to learn to control the excitement so that you can slow down or even stop if too excited.

However, if you get into a situation that you can not stand and that ejaculation inevitable try these three methods.


Push method commonly used by experienced couples. A woman should be up, and the moment when the man ejaculation becomes unstoppable, partner suddenly gets up and presses his fingers a few seconds at the head of the penis and thus delaying ejaculation. After calming the situation, sex continues normally.

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This method ejaculation stops strong pressure on the penis. A man should remain in his position, breathing deeply, thus controlling the lower abdomen. After about 30 seconds of rest can continue.

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This is the easiest method because it does not require the participation of partners but all you can do yourself in such a way that the index and middle fingers pinched a point between the testicles and anus. Pressure should take five seconds where you have to breathe deeply.

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