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The strippers are the most frequent victims of stereotypes, and these five things will convince you that their life and work quite different from what you thought

  1. stripper are educated

The fact that the most surprising is that 30% of the strippers have a college degree! The next 20% used the money earned from “work” to be further educated, while we do not mean the end of high school, but college and various seminars. So, we have already reached the figure of 50%. A number of the stripper is looking for a job, or do not want to work for minimum wage, but are removed until they find another job.

  1. STRIPTIZ is not just taking off clothes

Of course, it is not art, but the ones most successful strippers know how to sell themselves, and that ultimately means a lot more profit. Many assume that the strip simply pulls on the stage and the occasional lap dance, however, researcher Dr. Teela Sanders claims that 80% of the story, just like the bartenders. For successful strippers strip is much more than showing body t, s order went home with plenty of money, they have to be good in the story with clients.

  1. stripper love their work

Contrary to what we see in the movies, strippers do not hate their jobs or lead miserable lives for which they are forced to undress. Studies have shown that the excellent earnings main reason strippers love my job, and immediately followed by flexibility. It is a bit hour, mostly at night, and strippers have much time for yourself.

  1. NO ONE TO REMOVE not makes

The vast majority of strippers claims that no one had made on the job but they are very well thought before they started. Potential good earnings, plus enough time for education and training of children is what attracts them the most. Contrary to the stereotype that most victims of trafficking in women, a large number of the women who want to start working as a stripper, and it is solely their decision.


As we have already mentioned, the main reason women start with removing the money. However, exactly how much they can earn from downloading and lap dances?

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