Strangest questions and their answers

Our children see the world with different eyes. Nothing can escape the attention and curiosity is limitless.
Children constantly ask questions and expect parents to instantly hammer. But all too often, their questions and we do not know.

Here are some examples:

qWhy water boils?

When water is heated, the molecules begin to move faster and to move away from one another. At one point the remote is converted into steam. The process is called evaporation.



What keeps planes in the air?q1

As one Boeing-747 162 tonnes does not fall from the sky? The force acting force is called the rise occurring simultaneously when the air moves over and under the wing of the plane. Air above the wing is moving faster and doing less pressure. At the same time, more dense air under the wings of the aircraft raise the plane up. The higher the speed of the aircraft, the greater the force of growth.

q2Why is snow white?

Each snowflake, if you see separately is colorless and transparent. But why snow is white? When snowflakes form a large mass, they violate (refraction) and reflected sunlight is white.



Why natural human hair can be blue?q3

Human hair contains pigments that can make you look like black, brown, yellow or red. Our hair also contains small bubbles of air which together with the pigment determine hair color. Possible pigments in our hair, we can not get a green or blue.

q5Why astronauts floating in space?

Contrary to what most people think, astronauts on the International Space Station, are not free of Earth’s gravity. Earth’s gravity affects all objects in orbit. As to weightlessness, it occurs because the station and the astronauts inside it falling toward the Earth at a speed of 7.9 km / s, but the great height does this fall will be permanent. As facility continuously fails to fall to the surface of our planet and instead, fly around it. Imagine elevator falling from the top of a skyscraper. The person who found him would experience a momentary weightlessness. Astronauts experience the same thing, but not immediately, but constantly.

Why is the sky blue?q9

As the sun’s rays penetrate our atmosphere, they are scatter and refract. The sun’s rays are white, but when separated the seven colors of the rainbow. Because blue is porasfrlena the rest, it dominates the celestial palette. But the sky is never blue ideal, because the other colors of the spectrum are present.

What causes fog?q7

Fog is composed of thousands of tiny water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air. Fog forms when the air is cold and the hot country or vice versa. In both cases, a thick layer of water vapor and ice particles appear and disseminated on the surface.



Why clockwise moving right?q8

Before invented mechanical clocks, people used the stylus or solar clocks. As the movement of the sun makes shadows of these watches, they are moving from left to right. A mechanical watch inherited this “tradition.”

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