grapesSpecial wines are characterized by higher content of alcohol and sugar. In fact such a composition of any fault, in that the different level of sugar, flavoring and the like.
They are distinguished by specific flavors, depending on the ETS origin, method of processing, fermentation, maturation of wine over the years and more.
Wine can be broken into several groups, connoisseurs and wine lovers taste exactly know the varieties and wine quality.

In today’s article we have presented NATURAL wines.
In short, natural wines are the product of the alcoholic fermentation of grape must obtained from overripe grapes juicy.

Grapes for the production of natural wines are processed in a random way like the other grapes, but due to the high concentration of sugar it is crushing the grapes to be perfect, exactly finely decomposed to obtain must.

In France, Germany and Hungary, because of the excellent conditions before harvesting grapes attacks noble fungus -Botrytis cinerea- which helps in breaking the shell which leads to greater concentration of sugar.

sotern1Sauternes white dessert wine.Is produced in France, Sauternes, made from high quality varieties of Semillon, Sauvignon and muskadela. The wines have golden – yellow with an average amount of alcohol of 14%. It contains a large amount of glycerin making it full and smooth with water. This wine is characterized in particular and pleasant bouquet.



Rhein white dessert wine originated in Germany, the surroundings of the Rhine and Moselle, comes from the variety Rhein Riesling. The processing characteristics of the wine, fermentation and even the taste is similar to Sauternes white dessert wine.



tokajNear Tokaj, Hungary, from varieties Furmint, Gars Levelju and white muscat produce the well known natural sweet wine under the name Aszu. A characteristic of this grape is being harvested in late October and early November.
In the warm and favorable years grapes are produced naturally sweet wine Ausbruch.
In less favorable years overripe grape variety furminit, is produced naturally sweet wine under the name Samorodny.





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