Sometimes The Strangest Tricks Can Help In The Treatment!

Although primed research since people there is, the human body is still hiding many secrets. They probably think that with the help of modern medicine can learn everything, but it was not always like that. Sometimes the strangest tricks can help in the treatment!


If you have a sore throat recommended a lot of tea and honey, however, there is something else you can do. Gargle with brine every few hours to kill harmful bacteria (in a glass of warm water mix a tablespoon of sea salt).
According to specialists in ear nose and throat, Scott Safar, from New Jersey, should tickle your ear when it comes to spasm in the muscles of the throat.

Calm your nerves




When you’re stressed, wash the ice water and hold your breath. The cold should start “diving reflex”, which optimizes the way the body uses oxygen. Your muscles will relax and you will be calmer. If you drink cold water or go under a cold shower, it will have a similar effect.

Beat irrational fears

To have managed to painlessly pass through blood testing, start to cough when the nurse put the needle. She should note that you will not do so she would not miss his target. Coughing will Skloot thoughts with pins so that you do not have to be afraid.


When our nose is clogged, find it hard to focus on anything else. Try that it can blow by language press palate and your fingers to press the space between the eyebrows. This should take about 20 seconds, then release, after 20 seconds, then repeat.

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