Refresh Your Sex Life, Do Something “bad” Sex In a Public Place

If you want to refresh your sex life, or just want to do something “bad” then the sex in a public place is right for you


Despite having sex in a public place a very common fantasy, not only men but also women, there are few who have no hesitation decided fantasy come true. Sex in a public place, such as eg. sex in the cinema, garderobe trade, toilets in your favorite cafe or public park, carries some risk of which is the danger of being caught on the part of those most frequently brake that prevents you in action. However, for some, it is just the danger of revealing what most attracts them. Another thing why people end up opting for the realization of fantasies is to refresh their sex life.

If you are among those who have finally decided to realize a wish, or you already have it and dogs but still want to continue, please read these few things.


Before you decide to act in a public place, evaluate risks, because, remember, sex in public places in Croatia still prohibited. Eg., Think carefully before you decide to have sex in the office, as you would in the case of being caught could be the end of your career at that position. If you have decided to go ahead (congratulations!) Select at least, to begin with, which is a place in the chance of being caught smallest. The most common public places, where couples have sex are parks, toilets, changing rooms, cinemas, theaters, offices, toilets in airplanes …

Spontaneity IS IMPORTANT

When is sex in a public place in question is the best (or even usually) if you engage in action that you and you and your partner very excited? Seductive whisper a word in your ear a partner, or gentle touching her private parts under the table, you will be a quickie, in a no, be even more exciting and passionate.


In a public place will have a hard (not impossible to put) the luxury of a comfortable space and enough time, so the number of poses expectancy is much lower than the action in bed. Most often pose sexually on public place is a cowgirl, where a man lies down, and the girl sits on it (ride on it). In confined spaces, such as toilets or changing rooms, the most suitable are and standing positions and from the rear, while the missionary position can be practiced only on a little more spacious places such as parks.

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NOT ALL IN penetration

Sex in public places does not always involve penetration, but can also be a sort of warm-up for the action to a more comfortable place. Public nudity can therefore only practiced oral sex that will excite you enough to move to another location and continue the fiery action within your own four walls safe. This is especially recommended for beginners who do not want to risk too much.

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