Proper installation Plaster

No man who is not a cut finger, or hurt him in any other way, especially this often happens to those who handle tools. Sometimes injuries are minor, but sometimes it is necessary to put the patch. You are surely already many times put a Band-Aid on the finger, but we are sure that you did not put in the right way! You must be wondering how it can be the correct and incorrect way if simple things like putting a patch, but the correct way is the one who will stand firm and at the same time protect the wound and leave her enough air flow to heal faster.

Washed plaster and length with scissors cut that part of the patch that is to glue, so you get the letter X. Place the protective part of the plaster on the wound, but making sure that you patch goes around the finger but in the direction of up and down. What you’ve ripped you now look like legs that need to wrap around the finger, again in the direction of the letter X – in this way will keep the patch much better than the standard wrapping around the wound.

It may sound complicated, but as you can see in the video. Keep in mind that only the patch, scissors and finger clean.

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