Prepare For The Love Of Our Team. How To Reduce Aging?

There is simply no fontina of youth, but there are ways to slow down aging as much as possible

Aging is a part of life, a process that all passes through, and a process that can be seen and felt. When you meet new people, it is impossible to compare their years with you – whether they are older, younger or perhaps “somewhere”. All of us have been through our lives to surprise us that a person has fewer or more years than he looks!

When younger health and body are easy to take forever, but when they gather years, it’s simply impossible to wonder how long we can be in shape, how long it will pass before our faces show the true signs of aging, most importantly – can we extend the age and Stop aging!

Here we will not talk about aesthetic interventions that only conveniently obscure aging, but about the mitochondrial aging theory that explains how our food products become the energy that drives us. Specifically, how to make this process healthier and not something that will lead us to illness or too early ages. The slowdown of this process is what is called “fountain of youth,” and in order to do this, you need to pay more attention to what you eat and what you do.

  1. Put in as much fruit and vegetables as you can rich in antioxidants in your diet. Dry beans, artichoke, red cabbage, pepper, spinach, wild blueberries, cranberry, plum, strawberries, and raspberry are among the richest antioxidants.

  2. Avoid fried food. We all know that fried food is not healthy, but we still use it in large quantities, for example, Pomfret is a favorite for many. However, if you want to look young for a long time, you will need to forget about fried, and eat more sardines and cross-legged vegetables like kelly, cauliflower, cabbage …

  3. Beware of poison. Everything around us is filled with poison, so the air we breathe and the food we bring. We can not completely prevent the onset of toxic and harmful substances in the body, but we can be careful to absorb as little fat as possible, metals, especially medicines that will greatly affect the proper functioning of their cells and mitochondria.

  4. Combine a healthy diet with training. Healthy foods that bring a lot of energy will greatly affect the quality of your life, but if you include more regular activity (whether it is exercise, sports …), you will have a youth for many years. Inactivity is one of the biggest causes of aging our cells.

  5. Today, all possible vitamins and supplements are offered in tablet form, but there is no magic pill that will replace good exercise. However, you can help with some nutritional supplements, such as vitamin B, known as the vitamin that carries the energy that is important to our aging.

So, there is nothing that we did not already know and everyone knows that proper nutrition and regular activity and exercise are the keys to a healthy and long life. However, for some reason, despite what we know, we do not practice it either. But, if not before, maybe when you enter some “more serious” years, we will start thinking about it and eventually, we will start and act!

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