What Do You Recommend Pregnant Women As a Preparation For Birth


Acupuncture as a method of treatment for a variety of diseases in China is used for over 2000 years, and as an additional method of treatment in Western medicine is applied since 1979, when the World Health Organization tie acupuncture with all known methods of treatment in the Western world. Granted, there are still many doctors and patients consider alternative acupuncture and does not believe in its effect. This is further enhanced China’s interpretation of the effects of acupuncture. According to the Chinese understanding of the life energy Qi (read qi) circulating in the body between the organs of the imaginary channels, which the Chinese called meridians. The disease causes obstruction in the circulation of energy, which stings in acupuncture points eliminated. Also, according to the Chinese theory of Yin and Yang that everything has to be in balance,  in acupuncture points decreases or increases the energy of certain organs, depending on the disease, and the overall energy balance of the body. But today all of the West doctors who deal with acupuncture aware of concrete, demonstrable effects of acupuncture.In fact, through many studies have demonstrated that the acupuncture points of increased density of nerve endings, which stings stimulate the release of various substances. Some of these substances affect the transmission of nerve impulses, the other with the hormone and immune status of the organism, the third on the experience of Pain …

The name of acupuncture comes from the Latin words ASUS, meaning needle, and pungent, meaning sting. During treatment of very thin acupuncture needles are stung to specific sites (acupuncture points). The effect of each acupuncture point has been established by experience over many years. The needles are sterile and after the treatment the throw. The next treatment the patient is treated with new sterile needles. When stitches patient feels slightly burning, warmth, tingling or pressure. The needles remain stuck around 20-30 minutes.

The use of acupuncture for easier and faster delivery is called peripartum or  preparing acupuncture. Acupuncture affects the first stage of, ie. The maturation of the cervix. Acupuncture helps in softening and shortening of the cervix, and better coordination of labor when labor starts, thus shortening the total duration of labor. Studies have shown that acupuncture preparation in first pregnancy, reduces labor for 5-7 hours. Acupuncture does not affect the second stage of labor time, four treatmentsI The phase of expulsion, as well as to the term of confinement.  Preparation acupuncture affects the mental stability and pregnant women, which is also very important in childbirth. With preparation acupuncture is starting from the 36th week of pregnancy and treatments are carried out 1 x per week until delivering four treatments, if a pregnant woman is transferred due date pet. Unfortunately, studies have shown that acupuncture preparation has weaker effect in pregnant women who give birth before term and appliances less than 3 treatments with acupuncture. From the 38th week of pregnancy are treated further points which stimulate themselves uterine contractions. The treatment is usually carried out in a lying position, the needles are cut too close to the lower legs and head, may optionally be added to the hand. The treatment lasts 20 minutes and bites are painless or minimally painful. With the arrival of the acupuncture 1 x week pregnant women normally carried out and common gynecological control. The use of acupuncture is totally harmless to the mother and the child.

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