Plaid Shirt Always Current

Whatever you want, or we suggest a plaid shirt

With jeans pants. Combination to which we are accustomed from an early age but for which many, mistakenly, think that it is not for those who have crossed the 20th. Plaid shirt goes great with jeans no matter what you had 18, 25 or 40 years! This is a combination of casual, but that does not mean you can not look and refined.


Overshirts. Shirt with jeans, or some other pants, you can wear a button-down, and open-necked shirts over. This is the even more relaxed version that is ideal for spring to us coming. If you want to look youthful this is a good combination for you.

With jacket. The plaid shirt can certainly look good with a jacket and tie! In this combination, the plaid shirt gets a completely different expression and it will look refined, stylized and somewhat retro. If you want to look sophisticated, but again not too stuffy to try this combination.



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