Pit bull: 5 Things You Should Know

The most controversial breeds and today are responsible for the many discussions – whether it should be banned or not?


We know them simply as a pit bull, but that is the name used for


three breeds – American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, as well as for all hybrids between these three breeds. The American pit bull terrier was bred to be strong and resistant to pain, which is used in illegal fighting dogs, the American Staffordshire Terrier is a real family dog, who still can not resist the call of other dogs to fight, while the Staffordshire bull terrier, the smallest type of pit bull. All Pitbulls were created by crossing bulldogs and terriers.

 2 Pit Bull is the most temperamental BREED

The test pit bull temperament showed the greatest amount of temperament of all breeds – 83.9%, which is considerably more than the average results is 77%. However, the concept of temperament should not be confused with aggressiveness. It should be recognized that pit bulls have an inborn instinct to attack the animals because they can grow for years to fight with other dogs. This instinct is innate to them just like greyhounds run really fast. However, expressed aggression and attacks on humans are only the results of misconduct owner of the dog, ie. The owner’s negligence. Few know that the pit Bull nickname “nanny dogs” because of the great gentleness towards children and the pleasure of playing with them, as well as the attention we devote to children.

3 PIT BULL has the strongest grip FORK

As a very strong breed, pit bulls have incredibly strong jaws that grip is 900 kg / cm2. In comparison, the Rottweiler has 500 kg / cm2 and vučjak 250 kg / cm2. Squeeze pit bull is equal to the pressure hydraulic presses for bending sheet metal! One of the biggest myths about Pit Bull is the one that their jaw “locked” once squeezed prey. Of course, this has nothing to do with the truth, though pit bulls have instinct “bite, shake and do not let go.” However, the same instincts have almost all breeds, the only difference being that the grip of a pit bulls a lot stronger.


During World War, the pit bull was the mascot of American soldiers, who have their courage identified with this breed. However, unless they were mascots pit bulls are themselves actively engaged, and the breed that has won the most medals? Especially noted Stubby who saved the entire line of the gas attack, pulling off one by one soldier, and also captured a German spy. During the war, Stubby, who was given the rank of sergeant, was wounded twice, and after the war, their retirement spent in the White House.

5  are known for their heroic deed

Stubby is not the only pit bull that can be called a hero. Weela, female pit bull I during his life saved 32 men, 29 dogs, three horses and one cat. Popsicle, as a five-month dog found almost frozen in a refrigerator that would later become one of the best police dogs thanks to which, once discovered a consignment of cocaine worth $ 130 million! Norton has saved its owner that died of threatening allergic reaction to a spider bite, while the D-Boy with his body to protect the family and receive three shots of burglars!

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