Passengers In Shock- Flight To Ibiza s* (VIDEO / + 18)


Once the public recording surfaced of an excited and drunk couple

who had sex on a flight from the UK to Ibiza, “Rainer” announced it would launch an investigation on the case. Namely, despite the behavior of the couple in the photo, it is arguable that none of the crew of the aircraft tried to stop two lovers in a sexual act.

“We will not tolerate improper conduct that violates the rules, and all passengers improper act should be held accountable for their behavior,” said a statement from the company he led out that this was “totally unacceptable incident.”

The video made passengers sitting on the seats to rudely couple, and it is seen as a girl “public” the boy after they stripped off his underwear and pants.

“At first everyone laughed, and then they really engage in sex action. She started wildly to “ride” so I had to pick up the phone to take photos. I’ve never seen anything like this, “said one of the passengers of the British media.

source  you tube

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