The first thing you notice on Madeira certainly has plenty of greenery that offers all around you, so that this island, without delay, we dare to proclaim the heavenly garden.

Avocado, mango, orchids, bougainvillea bloom everywhere around the rich soil of the old volcano. Although Madeira is closer to Morocco, belongs to Portugal, and beautiful 180 kilometers of coastline, sea, beautiful beaches and mountain roads, is worth every visit. Otherwise, do not forget to mention, the most famous name that has given this island is nothing more or less than Cristiano Ronaldo!

In the northern part of the island, in the bay of Porto Moniz , you will find Ribeira Da Janela , village vineyards and fantastic rocks that lament the ocean. That part of Madeira offers heavenly beaches, so feel free to spontaneously choose any (you will not go wrong) and dive into the blue expanse.



Otherwise, the island also boasts 180 kilometers of coastline, Madeira offers relatively little sandy beaches. But it you really do not need to worry, because the other places to swim fabulous, if you do not sand, go by ferry to the neighboring islands of Porto Santo .

The capital of Madeira’s Funchal , where you can admire the historic churches, architecture and gardens, and perhaps encounter and the birth house of the aforementioned Ronaldo. The oldest city on the island is Machico, which will amaze beaches, while you in Calheta enjoy the taste of white rum .

In the last few years on the island have sprung up many hotels, but you will also find restaurants with Michelin stars . Those who want to hike, can choose one of the many trails.

And finally, know that Madeira is known for its markets . The most famous and largest is the Mercado dos Lavradores in Funchal. Rarely fruits, vegetables, flowers and fish are just a part of a great whole package is rounded ideal destination – Madeira.

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