New research gives insight into “solo” sex

Can you have sex with the girl to determine how often you will take things into their own hands, or opt for the “solo” game?

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According to new research from the University of Texas and Brigham Young University, the response could be a little more complicated than you think. The researchers conducted a survey of 7,600 men aged between 18 and 60 years. Respondents had to answer whether they masturbated in the past two weeks, how often have sex during this period and whether they are satisfied with their sex life.

It’s not surprising the fact that 61 percent of men masturbated in the past two weeks, and it turned out that the frequency of sex with your partner is not associated with masturbation.

That changed when they took into account sexual satisfaction – Men who are dissatisfied with their sex life more often masturbate.

Authors of the study say that masturbation has the capability of correcting what you are doing in bed and point out that it is masturbating only way to discover your inner passions and desires.



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