Madness Outs, And Drinking, 10 Reasons To Be With Friends,

Crazy outs and drinking with friends is something you can not forget all your  life

  1. You do not need a reason. Suffice it to say we’ll meet at a certain place at certain hours, and 30 minutes later he’ll celebrate like to celebrate the most important experience in my life (though actually not celebrating anything).

  2. It is not important to you. For a good time just need a good company. Whether you are at your favorite club, bar, pub, restaurant or simply on a park bench – always a lot of fun.

  3. Rise with friends never boring. Whether you broke up with my girlfriend, or you feel depressed for something else, going out with friends will bring you back from the dead for the simple reason that they can not be boring!


  1. Do not need to worry about how much money you have in your wallet. No matter how the reserves will always be in the company of someone who will order another round.

  2. No one knows better order drinks from your friends. Also, only one (except you) know how much alcohol you can drink.

  3. Alcohol and friends – the two best things. When you are in the early 20s has my favorite things from friends and alcohol. This combination can not win even one girl!

  4. In the company of friends and you can do the craziest things. Why? Because you are never judgmental – but friends are you!

8 Nothing can be measured with jokes that arise when you are drunk. You’ll laugh for hours and hours, even if the joke itself is not so funny.

  1. You will have plenty of happy memories. Memories of the crazy nightlife do not fade, and it will remain a pleasant memory for life, and the story will recount their children.

10 Friendship stronger after a good party.  After crazy release in which you have passed memorable things, your friendship with your friends will become only more strongly linked.

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