life rules for men

manners to feel real, serious man, these would be rules should follow!

  1. Never seduce his friend’s wife or girlfriend.

  2. Never Indulge secret that you told someone in confidence.

  3. Do not share your account.

  4. Never cancel, at the last moment because this is the best way that the next time you’re invited.


  1. Never be late.


  1. Failing use as motivation to go forward.

  2. Keep to your conduct and competence – open the door, lift up on the bus or tram older …

  3. Be interested in the stories of others, and be compelling in their stories.

9  Know your limits in alcohol and never do not move.

  1. Avoid anger for no reason.

11 Do not show up empty-handed at the party to which you are invited.

12 Know when and how much tip to give.

  1. sunrise order a round of drinks without that others remind us that it is your turn.

14 Know when you are wrong and you say “sorry”.

15 Realize that being a gentleman is not a thing of the past.

  1. Do not skimp on the words “thank you”

17 Leave arrogance in their teen years.

18 Give everyone a chance. Even if the two deserved.

19 Try to learn new things all his life.

  1. Do not try to be the center of attention.


21 Gather courage and sometimes risk it.

22 Be spontaneous.

23 Learn to relax and enjoy. Life is too short to only worked, ate and slept.

24 Work on yourself and make a change in any given time.

25 Be confident, or accept help when you need it.

26 Receive a compliment as you and giving.

27 Be careful what you eat and take care of what you wear.

28 Travel whenever you are able. Follow your passions and enjoy what you enjoy.

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