Leave Your Whole Life Mortgaged Their Knowledge 10 States That Leave You Breathless

Travel is the only beauty that will delight you .destinacion that if you win and remember all his life mortgaged our knowledge, we give you our experience we have opened our soul to you pulled back to the city to visit this country





Regardless been a fan of low temperatures or not it is simply impossible to remain immune to the scene of Canadian forests and mountains covered with snow. And when the snow melts Canada simply overwhelmed their green expanses of rugged rivers and lakes. The country in which the government still untouched nature should be high on your list of countries to visit.






You must have spread around the mouth enthusiastically watching the scenery in the Lord of the Rings, but this scene came from another country dominated by pristine nature – New Zealand. Huge green plains by the grazing Merino sheep continue to mountains and hills, scenes that are simply enchanting.







Scotland or Ireland was also a difficult choice, but in the end, reluctantly, Ireland have decided to omit from the list to make room for the green Scotland. The western part of Scotland and associated islands are something you have to see with your own eyes to believe that such beauty really exists! Do you want to rest your soul, you know where to go …







Africa is a continent with its beauty, both of nature and animals, thrills, and the most beautiful parts of this still partly unexplored continent are Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, which ultimately dominates due Serengeti a, vast savanna ecosystem that extends to as many as 30,000 km2! Everything you see on documentaries is here!







A country that has it all and that inspires its mountains, mountain lakes, bamboo forests, deserts, dunes, fields of rice and of course the Chinese wall. And it’s in this vast country so vast and great. This Far country is so full of beauty that can not all arrive and look for a life!







Bolivia may be one of the poorest countries in the world, but the beauty and scenery of one of the richest on our beautiful planet! Beautiful wooded mountains stretch as far as the eye can see, but Bolivia boasts the Salar de Uyuni, a salt desert amazing that leaves the impression of walking on the mirror!







Iceland is so different and full of contrasts that simply has to be magical! Where you can still see the lava and ice together, beautiful waterfalls cascading over the frozen hills, hot springs in the middle of the ice … Island as it is divided into several geographical areas, or where you can find part of the island will delight you with its beauty.







Argentina itself is a beautiful country, but Patagonia is something particularly outstanding. This region is known as one of the toughest parts of the world to live, but also a part of breathtaking beauty. At about 800,000 km2 are graded plateaus, rivers that descend toward the Atlantic Ocean, lakes, tundra …







Unfortunately, few people are aware of the beauty of this country which many still considered part of the world because of political (in) the opportunity should go around in a wide arc. But Iran in their mountain region offers so much beauty – mountains with rivers and lakes offer scenes of what is seen in the most attractive postcards.







When we have repeatedly mentioned the untouched nature, it is impossible not to mention the Swiss, European gem that scenes of greenery, snow-capped Alps, and deep blue lakes simply can not leave anyone indifferent. Picnic on the lawn, situated close to the alpine lake is something that will revitalize you.

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