Learn How To Taste Wine ?


A large number of men who drink and love wine, but it is a great difference between those who only drink and those who every palate enjoy its charms. If you are among those who would like to discover all the secrets of wine, the first and foremost step is to learn to taste it.

But, remember the most important thing in all – wine tasting should be fun. Do not overload whether to recognize the right to a quality wine or not. This is about how to think about wine as you are experiencing. Just as with movies, you do not have to experience a movie as well as a professional critic, and wine. Can you like some wine experts and may not like. Never mind, it’s just that you understand how you experience the wine that you have already broken up, and that by their senses experience completely.

Visually check the wine. For tastings are used transparent glasses just because it would be good wine first visually examined. Well, look at the color and clarity. White wines should have the color of bright shades of straw to deep gold and red shades of red brick, but to almost blue-purple plums.

Turn the wine in the glass. It is important to point out that wine should spin, and not really izmućkati and mix. Gentle movements turn the wine into the glass to mix oxygen with the wine which opens the aroma of wine. If the wine is stronger and has more alcohol, will leave marks on the walls thicker CASE-

Smell the wine. Rotation is released flavor and fragrances and is time to via and smell. Do this by first lifted his glass a few inches from his nose, and then put the nose above the cup. Do not hammer nose in the glass than above the cup and wait a few seconds to a good smell. High-quality white and red wines will remind you of fruity flavors, watermelon, pears, and peaches, to blueberries, cherries or cherry. If the wine stood in a barrel, you can feel and vanilla, cedar or cinnamon.

Take a sip of wine in the mouth. It is time for the testing of flavor, so take a sip of wine but do not swallow. Go wine over all parts of the language because different parts of the tongue feel different tastes. White wines usually compare with pear, apple or pineapple and black cherry, plums, and berries. Take the time to fully research any flavors provides wine tasting.

Swallow wine. Finally, it’s time to pass the wine and the rest of the mouth. What is the overall sense of the texture of the wine? Does the wine has body and structure? Are the components of a well-balanced and interesting? Is wine a pleasant tickle all parts of the mouth and seduce your palate, or the reserves only in certain parts of the tongue? Wine should not be after the first contact to lose an impression on you, but you should further seduce and delight. The pleasure of the wine should be complete. And only the best wines will pass every test

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