Keep Sexual Relations ! Preventive For Healthy life

There is nothing to do so much and create hastening burn more as the best hobby of the world. However, they are often underestimated as having a sane and proper sexuality. Here are 8 optimum reasons you do not need to negate your sexual life. This is what encounters with our body when we stop having sex:


  1. We get sick most often


If you do not scratch it for a very short time, the immune system weakens considerably. Absorption of sexuality favors a greater circulation of diabetes in the body and the consequence is that it is more likely to appear or freeze. Getting sex is one of the most natural enhancements: the best influenza typo you have in the pantry!




  1. Stress is easier


Sex is a stress against stress. Regular sex life helps keep the level of stress hormones under control, and feel more relaxed in everyday life. Without this precise remedy of natural, there are good probabilities to transform into a single bomb and progeria.


  1. It is difficult to get excited


Incredible to say it, but it is this way: when there is no “exercise” regularly, then we are even more troubled and stimulated in the “moment cloud”. This means that men may have trouble keeping action, and women can achieve orgasm with great difficulty. Dear, please, please always leave the switch on if you do not want to risk it!



  1. Dreams change


Some people have noticed that their dreams come and change if their sexual sexuality is less intense. For this, it would be possible to be sorry to be happy and erotic, and that is the one that has an orgasm in the dream.


  1. Col tempo begins to lose desire


When our bodies come to the information that the activity of sexual interaction insists on the answer to physiology, that is: the body produces fewer hormones of sexuality. This means that it is more than what has departed from sex, and what is less important, with the change of time. Our libido begins to shrink because we will always have the less sexual sexuality that travels in our body.


  1. Increase distance between us and our partner


When it is necessary for people with a link to have the sexual disability, the distance between them increases,  not  only in the physical but also in the human. All of this comes from a greater insecurity, the perception in our partner’s comparison, and our kid’s couple at all. In addition, this is an opportunity to attract more attractions than other people.


  1. You have less self-esteem


It is no surprise that self-confidence paid the bill for life’s sexual incapacity. She has shown strongly that the absence of sex leads people to chronic sadness, so to depression. Studies have also shown that they are aggregated regularly and may be necessary to suppress depression. Too much to do,  sometimes, better than drugs antidepressants.


  1. Increases the risk of cancer


Men who do not have sex for much longer have a greater risk of prostate infection. It has been proven that there is “release” and helps to prevent the onset of this disease.


Say these are not good motivations! It would simply be independent not dedicated to one sexuality and pleasure. Dear partners.




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