Keep Away From The Cup If You Expect Fire Between The Sheets.

Maybe you think that you will be after a couple of drinks to feel great and be happy, charming and seductive, but the truth is quite different, therefore we bring you five reasons why we should keep away from the cup if you expect fire between the sheets.

Lam gi khi phat hien ra 'qua khu sex' cua doi phuong - Anh 2


Maybe you think that you will be after a couple of drinks to feel great, and be happy, and charming, and seductive, but the truth is completely different. One or two drinks can help lighten the mood, but more than that it will act fatally to your mood and your sex life.

REDUCES desire for sex

Legality is roughly like this: the more alcohol you drink, this will be your desire for sex to be less. After one drink you might think that’s the girl on the other end of the club’s sexy, but after more cup, the only thing you think about how you can not wait to pass out in bed.

WEIGHT to orgasm

Since alcohol deadens the senses, and she and you will be difficult to achieve orgasm. Overdo it with alcohol, the more likely it is that you give up the orgasm, but you will achieve it.

GENERAL deterioration of sexual life

People who frequently consume alcohol in large quantities are considerably less satisfied with their sex lives than people who do not drink or only occasionally drink that drink. And such people are not unhappy sexual experiences only in moments of drunkenness, but also when they are sober.


A healthy level of testosterone is responsible for achieving erections and sexual desire. A body of men who regularly consume alcohol have been shown to produce less testosterone than normal.

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