Italy – a country where again you find yourself

This country has a magical power to imagine while walking through the ancient streets in the Tuscan sun with Stracciatella ice cream in your hand. Is there anything more beautiful in life than that? And really, is there?

And you know why you need to visit, but do you know who benefits from her attendance?

1. You learn to drill through a chaotic world

In a country such as Italy, can occur many unexpected things – so many, many rely on your plans. Restaurant you want to eat may suddenly shut down, you may wait line to buy tickets for Milan who booked 3 months ago only to realize that all people before you try to get on the same train because he is the last.

Italy does not work on anyone’s watch, except his own – and it can be very frustrating for those who are obsessed with planning and precision. But you know what? Thank God there is. Thank you Italy because they remind us that we are not the center of the world and that no matter how much we think we deserve, the good life is best lived without expectations.
2. You will feel better because milozvuchniot language

Unlike other European languages, learning and talking on only a few key Italian phrases may be amazed even those najnervoznite sellers. That is why the Italian language rarely spoken outside its borders, local residents will be delighted by a foreigner who attempts to speak their language, than to ask what they need English.

Your Italian can be a disaster, but rather timid attempt is always welcome and accompanied by a grateful smile, sweet laughter and gentle correction, freeing you from the fear that you sound ridiculous. We all need little encouragement to face the fears and stop worrying about perfection and try something. And Italy is the best choice for that.
3. You will notice everyday things

If taking at least 5 minutes to try buffalo mozzarella watering with olive oil and fresh chopped pepper, then many missing. Mistakes that Italy has with time accuracy replenish with the precision of flavors found in the simplest of ingredients.

Sometimes you do not need luxury – enough you can see the copper coins as they sink into the water from the fountain, the smell of lemons that accompany you while walking in the hot afternoon, the sound of silence while sitting on a bench … beautiful in Italy to learn an important lesson about how little you need to be really happy. And if you can not find it there, whether you can really find anywhere else?
4. You will see the history in a different way

As you walk through the museums, gardens, palaces, and even through small villages, everything will better understand your place in the world. Today, history is not only the subject that you need to graduate, but serves to remind you where you drink coffee, where call charges and what existed before. The stone streets you hear the echo of neraskazhani stories, you will feel the weight of the marble pillars that support the weight of the years.

In Italy you will learn to appreciate the history and develop patience for old things. It gives you a chance to closely see what previous centuries have left a legacy, teaching us that all stories of people joined. What you want to leave a trace? Who do you want to be when you get home?
5. And most importantly, you forget to check the phone every 5 minutes

Who wants to look at Facebook when you walk through the beautiful streets of Rome? While driving a boat or boat on Lake Como? When you see the beautiful sunrise in Bari? The charm of Italy lies in stopping time – or perhaps it passes without notice. All the more should admire the beauty around us, rather than stare at the screen 24/7. Therefore, leave everything to rest and detoxification of work obligations, to delay the life and over to find the meaning of his own life.

In short, you will realize that life is simple, in Italy – and elsewhere in the world. Eat well. Love madly and always family and friends let me be the first. The trip to Italy will give you a clear perspective on your life and the outlook is the best thing from which you can start if you want to be a better person.italy























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