Instructions for use of female erogenous zones

Instructions for use of female erogenous zones that will make you an alpha lover!

“Stimulation must be gentle and gradual until the nipples are stuck and do not concentrate solely on them”


The neck is one of the strongest points on the female body, so passionate kisses on the neck are a safe ticket for good sex. It is important that the kisses are gentle and not that you kiss it as a piece of veal. Cover the various parts of her neck with gentle kisses, stirring up her fire.


In the ears and around them there are many nerve endings that make them sensitive to the touch. Use the fingertips and thumbs to massage the outer parts of the ears with light movements. Explore the area behind your ears with your lips and tongue, and do not be ashamed to even whisper in her ear. It will not blame you if you whisper to her that you will do all of it.


Men often neglect the kissing that most women love. But not just more kisses, quality is also important. Try to change intensity, first kiss softly and gently, then passionate, then slow it down again. During kissing, moisten her body with her hands.


Women love to play with their hair, so when you love her, gently grip your fingers through your hair. Still, go slowly, examining the terrain, because some women have a hair-phobia and a potential haircut.


The commonly occurring error is excessive stimulation before the woman is “warmed up”. Touch her breasts gently, do not strain like you’ve never seen them. Stimulation must be gentle and gradual until the nipples are stuck and do not concentrate solely on them.


The perineum is part of the vagina and anus, very sensitive to most women and often unexplored. It is made of tissues similar to vaginal lips and has a lot of nerve endings. Experiment with light touch and flair.


Each girl is not the same and they match different levels of direct stimulation. Some adore being strongly orally or manually stimulated, while others do not respond to it. The goal, however, remains the same because you can stimulate it indirectly, through the vaginal lips, which will reduce the irritation. If you’ve been excited by a girl, direct stimulation will not bother you at all. So, arm yourself with patience and your effort will be rewarded!


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