Immorality Bangla Road – street

Many will say that the popular “Walking Street” at Pattaya “Sodom and Gomorrah” of the 21st century, and a parade of immorality that lasts 365 days a year. “Cult” takes you 900 kilometers away to Patong, namely “Banglore Road” which is somewhat toned down the street immorality to Pattaya.


Whatever part of Phuket are, the question of where you can go out and have fun, in no time you will be directed to Patong, namely the street named “Bangla Road”. It will also emphasize that the street is not recommended for families with small children, and if you want to peep “Banglore” purely out of curiosity, you should do it before 19 hours. In fact, in 19 hours, the traffic in the street closes and begins indescribable madness.

“Bangla Road” is 400 meters long street, full of cafes, pubs and night strip clubs, all of which is seasoned very attractive illuminated advertising, totems and descriptions and high volume for which locals claim that nowhere in the world louder there. Indeed, it often happens that exploring Banglore simply not hear what street vendors offer. And those are just a different story. When you step on the locals in Banglore you see only one thing- money! Except for drugs that are in Thailand draconian punished, almost non-existent things on the street can not buy. I get it. At every step of the feeder on the popular “Ping-Pong show” which you attract free entry. Of course, there is a “catch”. As soon as you step in the club where the show is performed, you have to order drinks, and the prices are astronomical; so you will usually pay a beer around £ 200! Later, with his expensive paid a drink you can enjoy local women on the stage of the vagina fireballs. Also, every few meters on the street prelude local entertainers, mimes, and transvestites that you embrace and this file are with you that later, of course, charge about 20 kunas. It must be admitted that truly looks attractive and often can run into men, women, and couples who lined up to have their pictures taken with them. Otherwise, transvestites were in Thailand fully assimilated into society, and can often be seen to do common tasks, such as waiters, guides, animators and the like.

One of the interesting characters are sailors from India, that drunken tourist literally dragged into their shops, trying them as drunk and unstable sell clothes. Hand on the heart are extremely friendly and fluent in English so that they will probably not difficult to “handle” drunken tourists. In addition to the middle of the street, you can buy cigarettes sold in some kind of basket, do simulated gunfire from pistols and automatic rifles, whereas nowadays popular “selfie sticks” sold literally every few meters. There are also local flea markets with imitations of popular brands, but the price that you offer you can comfortably share with three or four. Particularly fascinating are advertisements for Muay Thai tournaments that are held every couple of days at a nearby stadium. A large truck brought fighters near the street, a few minutes they legs and arms relentlessly hitting the mitts! Business sense and commercial on most, nothing. Do not be surprised if you even offers and Viagra. Because “Bangla” is the center of sex tourism on Phuket. As believe it or not prostitution is illegal in Thailand, street prostitutes are not too many, but in 95% bars are waitresses, dancers, and presenters also a prostitute! Once you sit in a cafe, the speed of light will be up to you to create a girl that’s just where you are very handsome and amiable. After a few moments when you examine where you are (for Croatia freely say that is close to Italy because no one knows where it is) and with whom you come, will offer their services. It is interesting to point out that the first price of so-called “bar fine”. In other words, if you want to We’ve and have fun, you will pay a sort of compensation to the coffee shop, which is between 60 and 100 in. If you happen to say that you are not interested, the speed of light will walk to another guest. Some are also more persistent and more radical, so do not be surprised if your breasts literally dig into your face or you lay your hand in the pants. If you go from bars to cafes, this can be also hard, as well as search tips so directly, that will after giving change waitress-hooker dead-cold say “A part in change for me?”.

As far as bars and clubs, the Bali there are about 10 so-called “Soi”. SOA is a huge building with one entrance which is used by tens of small cafes, and each has at least one scantily clad dancer, which will also offer a “service”! Music is usually the boring commercial electronics. It is good that in front of each object are hostesses with price lists, which are really accurate, and there are no hidden taxes or fees for services. Service serving course. The price of beer ranges from 12 to emptier and up to 26 kunas in popular objects. Prices of cocktails and six drinks are about the same as in Croatian clubs. Alcohol is in Thailand is quite expensive, so it can happen that a pizza and beer 0,66 same pay. If you get bored lookalike offering services then you can move into some of the Irish and Aussie pubs. There are almost none, and these bars are known for excellent bands that play rock hits. Here, for a change, you can talk with the girls about common life issues. I sit in peace watching indescribable river people circling around. As far as Bangla large and spacious, sometimes you feel like sardines in a can, because the flow of people is truly astonishing. There are also objects (usually strip clubs) run by the Russians (they make up almost ¾ of tourists throughout Phuket), but they are not very popular despite the attractive Russian hostesses with flyers because there are rumors that they keep the mafia. All this can easily break out money from his pocket, but if you can not drink in cafes, no problem will find markets that are open 24 hours. You can walk to the beautiful Patong beach, which is located 30 meters from the bangle, where you will also come across interesting scenes, for example, that you are from the nearby massage parlors that are now darkened called the offer “happy ending massage”. Not on the beach, you will not escape from locals who sell all sorts of things but will be offered fireworks or glowing balloons that are fired into the air. And there are aging prostitutes who are from the cafes were crowded out younger and more beautiful, but now must the street to offer their services. On the beach, you will encounter mostly the tourists who drink, and to the diverse skip- of Westerners in fancy clothes to hippies. All this takes place under the watchful eye of a strict and intimidating local police. The laws in Thailand about fights and disturbing the peace are very strict, so it is almost impossible to Bangli encounter incidents. Here are the weekend and ambulance which stands all night near the street. Perhaps out of fear that tourists in the 70-team who have romantically linked hands with Sokal karma that can be pro-nuke not cancel the heart …

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