If You Do Not Know What He Looks Like Naked Owl, Do Not Open This Article

Have you ever wondered what it looks like an owl without feathers? No, actually we did not even me, but someone asked and answered it. Now we know what it looks like an owl and the owl actually made 90% of the feathers. Ok, maybe that’s not entirely true, or so it seems when you look at them as “inflated” and “soft”.

Owls are, of course, outstanding. They can rotate the head for almost 360 degrees, have asymmetrical ears to better hear all around you, but we’re a little uncomfortable after we saw owls appear “naked”.

Twitter user Dan Schwartz was curiosity about and brave and found “that looks like an owl without feathers,” which resulted in these paintings that once you see you can not see. Huh!

VIA  http://IFLSci


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