hunting season

Hunting season officially started, sometime earlier, sometime later.
The question is ever completed? If you look back in history, and we return to the original community will understand that hunting has never stopped, he was and always will be.

   As anything can be granted if it can not prohibit or control the ban?The point is that the community wants to achieve a balance but it seems impossible.hunter2
Simply when controlled hunting areas available but what about places where they can be controlled
What about places where they apply the law of the stronger?
Stronger is the one you might not have big muscles, but modern weapons. however always suffered weak and sluggish.

Hunters compete, which will capture the larger trophy to brag to the community and posing with hunted animals, does that not remind you of the original community when hunters will caught animal to feed the community. They were respected in their honor are played around the fire, they celebrated victory .
They were major, and today?hun

today is also just a more sophisticated way, with honors, awards, plaque and cash prize can and because of these innocent animals in the wild someone you pronounced the coming of the day of the open season for hunting wild animals. Community is that it gives licenses and opens the season. However the community when a ban on hunting care for animals by hunting companies for recovery of endangered species.

And what now?
All this brings me to a higher level, how much advanced humanity concerning hunting. Maybe they went above the open hunting people, by opening a new military hot spots, new wars,hunter and if we substitute the role of hunters and animals in the story of the open season will get an answer and embarrassing conclusion that it is also only are we away from original together and not hunt trophy and survive but we now hunt for fun and to achieve the status of a respected hunter, who takes reward.


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