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One of the most common headache of a man is how to deal with the clitoris, if you first find

Clit, unfortunately, many men creates headache – first it difficult to find and when you finally find a cast on it as if it was the last thing in my life seen. The clitoris is extremely sensitive and requires special attention and special tenderness to the touch, so we bring you a couple of tips that may help you.



When you approach her genitals, it is best to start at unutaranjoj thighs, on the mons veneris and the entrance of the vagina. In this way, you build her anticipation but will, when you finally get to the clitoris, her sexual energy and excitement will be at its peak. Every woman wants a different fondling and therefore you become an expert for her desires. Ask your partner what he wants jet who asks not wander.


First strokes lower part and surrounding the clitoris. Then move to the prepuce and rotate her clitoris between thumb and forefinger – but gently! Only then grasp the top of the clitoris. More important than the contact is the way it dodirujetem finger evenly strokes, or cycle, not too fast and not too slowly. Experiment with different touches and change the pressure. If partners a year what you do, genitals will push to you and also show you that wants more stimulation. If they touch too hard or uncomfortable, something will move away; then reduce the pressure or try a different touch.


Reconciliation of rhythm and touch

The clitoris anatomically fits the glans penis, which is for most men the most sensitive part of the sexual anatomy. Therefore, forget the unfounded prejudices that use of hands to stimulate the clitoris during sex is unnatural and premehanička, or you’re fingers are helping only weaklings. Men who during intercourse are not used to using your hands will probably need some time to adjust operations and movements, but with time coordination becomes easier, especially if it moves a little slow down and focus on every movement and every touch. Any her clitoris, do not devote too much attention because you will lose touch with the very lovemaking. Also watch out for your hands to caress not to become mechanical, too rough, uncomfortable or even painful.

SOME have her help

If the partner is willing to touch her clitoris, so much the better. Women can help a man so that water his hand where you want to feel a touch or even their fingers to press its on your clitoris, which will let him know where and how hard to stimulate. Some men have a sense that they exploit partner for masturbation if a single touch and also leads to multiplying posts orgasm. Such an opinion is understandable when a man is convinced that the female orgasm his task and right. A more realistic is the notion that men can only help women realize their own orgasmic potential.

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