Helena, Is No Longer So Arrogant


The other day as I was returning from work, on the corner of the street I ran into an old friend from school days. I was pleasantly surprised and momentarily stopped and stared at the girl who was sitting alone at the table. She had red   dress and little bonnet on her head until her hair black to play spring breeze standing  so I do not know either how long but I know that I approached her desk while she holds cup  of coffee. Looked at her n, wide she opened her black eyes I saw the bright smile which showed that she was pleasantly surprised to see me after all these years. She got up instinctively and we hugged, it was a very cordial embrace.

We talked a long  time about anything and everything, to work in a lousy company and that it is not anything in particular that nothing is not imagined so I think she did not realize the dreams and the clear bored.



I’m still lonely.

She asked me to stop by nap ice in her apartment which was not far from this extension .

I watch her while undressing as professional works I wonder gave remembers those days as we were refused a row then smiled and said let’s leave was young


Much has changed after all these years.

My gorgeous Helena

Helena, is no longer so arrogant

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