Healthiest Country In The World: Italia

For the study to take into account several factors, such as life expectancy, health risks, availability of drinking water, mental health … Italians have achieved the best result ”, and behind them are Icelanders, Switzerland, Australia and Singapore



If we are to believe recent studies, it appears that the pasta and wine winning combination for a comfortable and healthy life. In the case that the kind of life you are looking for, consider moving to Italy, but if you do it does not make good-looking, at least, start to cook, eat and live like Italians.


According to a survey of global health conducted by Bloomberg, Italy took the title of the healthiest countries in the world. The study was conducted in 163 countries in the world and has shown a high level of health of Italian citizens, as well as the fact that, on average, live longer than 80 years

If you are wondering whether it helps the way of nutrition and life, the answer is: it helps. The Italian eating habits include drinking plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, or large amounts of olive oil.

Although Italy has stagnated for decades and has a huge unemployment of young people, this is obviously going to be affected as negatively by the population, including many Italians have a better health profile than Americans, Canadians, and Englishmen.


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