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If you want to have enviable abs, but who does not want to learn from those who have them. These are the things that these men are doing every day, try and you!

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Strengthening core dumps. To have an impressive abdominals basis is to strengthen core muscles that stabilize the entire body and helps in the transmission of forces between the upper and lower extremities. The ideal exercises for core power clean are at chest and jerk above his head.

Healthy carbohydrates. Good abs require the introduction of healthy or complex carbohydrates. Foods such as grains, sweet potatoes and fruits will give you the necessary energy to push the intense training and the faster you burn fat.

Physical activity. You do not have to train seven days a week or to make sure that during the day you are the more physically active. Squeezing it, spend time walking … anything just to spend a day not on the couch in front of the TV.Image result for 6 pack

Quality sleep. Good sleep is also an important factor in the construction of sit-ups. Lack of sleep causes stress in the body, slows metabolism and runs hormonal imbalance resulting in increased appetite and accumulation of abdominal fat.

Proteins. Protein intake is an important step towards the abdominal muscles. Chicken and red meat products, soy and peas are full of powerful amino acids which contribute to the building of muscle. Protein is especially important for strengthening core muscles and this in a time of three hours of consumption.

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Avoiding poor quality food. Foods containing large am
ounts of sugar, sodium, fat and other chemicals triggered inflammation, and are therefore more slowly breaks down and contributes to fat, and that’s the last thing you want.

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