Food as “Spice” In Sex

Six small tips that will help you expand sexual horizons and make the action interesting in bed



“If you decide to eg. Chocolate or whipped cream, do not do it on expensive sheets or Persian carpet in the living room”


The idea of a naked woman covered with chocolate syrup always seem excellent, and probably no man who dreamed about it, and a large number of those who are you to try out. Food, as a sex game and is a great idea, but the problem usually occurs later when you need to clean up the mess.


To add food to sex games in bed elapsed without problems, and to make it all turned into a complete entertainment, it is enough to follow a few rules.

  1. Well, make sure your partner is allergic to any food. You’d be surprised how many people are allergic to some ingredients, but sometimes it is enough and the smell of something to cause a reaction. Therefore, be very careful.


  1. If you decide to eg. Chocolate or whipped cream, do not do it on expensive sheets or Persian carpet in the living room. Best to put on the couch kind of old sheets or even better – do it in the bathroom.



  1. Make sure your partner is at all interested. The chances that there are very small, but before her down you start to apply the cream it would be good to know her opinion that all would not be completed disappointment.

  2. Good think you’ll use food. Honey may seem like a good idea but you both behind it to be extremely sticky. The same thing is with marmalades. Chocolate will also make a mess or to taste best for this kind of stunt. The icing on the cake turns out as the best choice for lubrication.



  1. Let the food is hotter than the other. Somehow I doubt that is a big turn on her if you want to eat mussels. Anything that requires the use of forks and knives out of the question. On the other hand, strawberry placed in her belly button appears to be a big hit, is not it? Also, the use of alternating hot and cold food can achieve a lot for her sexual mood.

6  fun. Sex to be and is fun and games. Do not worry about a lot of the opinions of others, it is what you want. Neither these tips will not go with anyone, someone will have other ideas. As long as you and your partner disagree, go ahead! We wish you a lot of good times.

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