Although today’s social networks and numerous fashion magazines and sites can be found countless stylish tips, somehow those of our mothers our dearest.

We have become accustomed since the early age when our mothers spoke that this color must combine with that or when we talked about the pieces that every woman should have in her closet.

Although maybe then we were funny and we believed when we were saying that well should care for skin later no problems today realize that they really had something to say.

You probably remember those moments when you entered the room when we were ready for an event to say that we lack something or something we redundancy.

They always taught us to smell nice to wear hand-cream in the bag, compulsory gloves in the winter, and do not go out of the house neat and a little lipstick.

They are all tips that seemingly know, but always happy to remind them. In addition remind the five most important tips that we know that for once we hear from your mother.

  1.  Every woman in the closet should have a little black dress
  2.  Scarves are fashion accessories that can transform any combination
  3. Always wear perfume yourself
  4. In jewelry box always have striking necklaces
  5.  Always take care of your skin


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