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Basic types of shoes that should be found in the wardrobe of every man who keeps to himself


Has it ever happened that you bought a pair of shoes just great to be at home found that they do not agree with your entire wardrobe? Just like any piece of clothing, and shoes are not multi-purpose, however, can not cope with any outfit. How quality shoes can cost a pretty and it is very important that you know what you will be able to cope, and what not.




Originally known as Balmoral in England, oxfords are leather shoes with the relatively low instep, closed places and not a rubber heel, simple and are not too many ornaments. Today’s oxfords can be made from suede or synthetic materials. Like most elegant shoes, oxfords usually come in black or brown and are suitable for a wide range of events. For the business look good will come off black oxfords, while those in brown better get in some not too formal situations.



Shoes with rounded tips

Dress shoes can be decorated in many ways, but the rounded top of the Oxfords, the most common. However, unlike oxfords, which are very scarce, these shoes have an additional layer or strip of skin over the fingers. These are ideal shoes for formal occasions, but the rest looks, ie. Clothing must be at the top level and these shoes.




These elegant shoes first appear in the first half of the last century. These are characterized by the absence of laces or buckles, and traditionally made of leather, and have a wide or a flat heel. Many loafers with decorative tassels, although the trend is now quite neglected. Especially interesting are the so-called. “Penny Moka Nik NE” that have the strap across the top of the shoes, which was originally designed to carry loose change or decorations.




Just like moccasins, and these shoes have laces, but while simple loafers, shoes with a buckle on a leather strap with a buckle at the top. Although the shoes look nice though not for some special occasions like eg. The wedding, but are more relaxed for a casual look, or even a job!


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