Elasticity Wood


To achieve the quality of our products is not always decisive hardness of wood, no matter that the hardness gives certain level of appearance because it is used in certain points on cases.

Soft wood are easier to handle and easier to testers easy to paste more beautiful because it connects.

Softwood is in turn sensitive to the pressure as it is a spongy structure, and is very difficult to work to achieve smoothness of the case,

Soft wood is very difficult to produce complicated and complex objects.



Elasticity WOOD

  1. The special elastic wood: ebony, teak;
  2. Very elastic silver maple tree;
  3. Elastic wood: maple, beech, oak, spruce pear;

4.Medium-elastic wood: birch, aspen,
basswood, walnut oak, spruce;

  1. Slightly elastic wood: alder, white beech, larch, fir



From the above it can be noted that almost
all deciduous wood except spruce and some
fruit trees that are elastic.

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